Flo ran this workshop on 26/4/2013. It’s adapted from a workshop given by Karen Solie during Poetry Parnassus, 2012.



Never say ‘boo!’ to…

Karen Solie poem:

1. Write a one line image.

2. Write something you’ve overheard.

3. Write a memory.

4. Write a statement of…

This is neat!

200 Words

It’s a fragment of a prose poem. I suppose I should call you bitches but I lack the bravado tonight, always. I’m having a hard time finding my way out of any poem or story, any essay I write. I do like the comma plus extension. I’ve never met a comma I didn’t like once I bothered reading a grammar book. Don’t get me wrong. Grammar whips me like a bitch.

9 Lines

I’ve got about nine lines going, but it’s hard to focus on poetry with domestic responsibilities ever present. There are other distractions as well: news, TV, movies, and tomorrow there will be work, etc.


My daughter plays babies.

She moves from one room to the next

talking to herself.